EquiLix PI – Performance Intake Block


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EquiLix PI is a free choice non-molasses protein lick block. We’ve formulated EquiLix PI for picky eater horses and yet without the negative effects of molasses.

Use daily for horses along with good quality forages. The 50 lb tub is ideal for 1-2 horses, and the 125 lb tub is the right amount for 4-5 horses.

How Do We Do It?

SweetPro pioneered the solidification of fermentation feeds such as distillers grains into solid blocks and our own fermentation process to produce a unique “blend additive” called ProBiotein®.

ProBiotein supports the digestion of forages, ProBiotein
so horses get more out their hay.

Organically complexed trace minerals help support Omega 3
bioavailability of thoseimportant minerals.
Plus we’re adding the FlaxFactor – stabilized milled
flax with its high levels of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.


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