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Cattle King Protein Meal is essentially dried distillers grain which is a by-product of distilling ethanol from various grains. Cattle King Protein Meal consists of the fibre, oil and protein leftover once the starch has been used for ethanol production. As the starch has been removed the risk of acidosis and subsequent laminitis and infertility problems is eliminated. This makes Cattle King Protein Meal an ideal feed for stud cattle and to finish cattle on pasture. It can be used to feed early weaned calves or when creep feeding young calves.

Profitable Production Feeding on Pasture

  • Cattle King Protein Meal has high energy levels (12mj/kg) and high protein (22-25%)
  • On pasture, protein meals will convert into extra gain much more efficiently than grain based rations.
  • Cattle King Protein Meal can convert at 3kg of meal for an extra kilogram of gain when limit fed on pasture.
  • Most feedlot rations are not balanced to compliment pasture.
  • Sub clinical acidosis from grain reduces fibre digestion and weight gain.  Acidosis can lead to problems with feet, affecting the ability to graze. Inconsistent intakes of grain on pasture can compound acidosis problems. Cattle King Protein Meal contains no starch therefore, it does not cause acidosis.
  • This product is excellent for all classes of cattle and performance horses.

Typical Analysis

Protein 22-25% Metabolisable Energy 12.8 mj/kg
Dry Matter 90.7% Digestibility 76%
Sodium 0.55% Phosphorous 0.93%
Calcium 0.13% Sulphur 0.29%
Manganese 132 mg/kg Zinc 51 mg/kg
Selenium 5 mg/kg Crude Fibre 16.5%
Magnesium 0.36% Copper 10 mg/kg
Iron 122 mg/kg Starch 7%

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