MegaMin® Mineral Blend


Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals for Optimum Production, Health and Fertility

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Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals for Optimum Production, Health and Fertility


MegaMin® Mineral Blend provides the benefits of a broad spectrum macro and trace mineral supplement that is safe for all livestock. Minerals are essential for growth, health and fertility and because dry feed and even green fodder is often lacking in minerals, clinical or sub-clinical mineral deficiencies can restrict livestock performance. Providing adequate minerals year round can provide real improvement in stock performance and profitability.


MegaMin® Mineral Blend may be used as a loose supplement or feed additive and is particularly beneficial for breeders, weaners, maiden heifers and ewes. Protein sources, molasses or grains may be added to MegaMin® to combine the benefits of minerals and protein to suit your feeding program. MegaMin® Mineral Blend is also available as a Lick Block.

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