Pestene Insect Powder 500g


Inca Pestene Insect Powder is for the control of lice, mites and fleas on dogs, cats, fowls (poultry) calves, horses, and goats.

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Inca Pestene Mite and Lice Powder is recommended for controlling Mites and Lice on poultry, dogs, cats, calves, horses and goats.

It is extrenely safe and effective and has no witholding period for egg consumption, which makes it an appropriate choice for treating laying chickens.


Not recommended for puppies or kittens under 3 months of age or lactating goats where milk is being consumped by humans.


  • Apply weekly to animals coat or feathers and masage into the skin.
  • Also treat the animals bedding, nesting boxes, stable and environment.

 Withholding Periods: Meat Poultry: 1 day. Eggs: Nil.

Active Ingredients : 50 kg per kg Sulphur (s) : 10g / kg Rotenone (from cube roots)

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