Thunderbird solar energiser S30B


2.5km Solar Energiser

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Thunderbird’s new range of small Solar energisers are designed for fast, easy installation. The case slides over the top of a star post to mount and units are supplied with fence and earth leads. S18B and S28B have both Pulse/operation and low battery lights to indicate the systems status.Fully portable with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and carry handle A Mains A.C. charger is supplied for poor prolonged weather conditions as well as low and high power levels (low power can be used when battery conservation is required).

  • Australian – designed, owned and made
  • Low battery light indicates low battery supply voltage
  • Pulse fence light indicates energiser operations is ok.
  • Vacuum sealed transformer, for greater reliability
  • Encapsulated electronics – protected from moisture and insect damage.
  • Includes quality sealed rechargeable battery (fitted internally)
  • Earth and Fence leads supplied with insulated clips
  • Tough ABS enclosure for maximum solar collection
  • Advanced design, higher performance and improved components – deliver a better all round product.
  • Quality crystalline solar panel.
  • Hi tech software measures the solar input to extend battery life
  • Fully portable – go anywhere
  • Slides over the top of a steel star post for mounting – very fast to install
  • Magnetic switch eliminates the need for holes through the case
  • A.C. Mains charger port is now covered from the weather
  • Now available with low and high power levels
  • O-Ring sealed enclosure provides superior weather protection
  • Non corrosive material for solar panel mounting
  • Improved efficiency through improved electronics

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 40 cm