Waratah Jio Star Post 210cm


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Waratah have developed the new Jio® Star® post to meet the demand for innovation in the rural industry. Modern fencing continues to evolve and each new fence design requires a stronger, more ductile fence post with more attachment points.

Why Jio Star?
– Waratah’s most innovative fence post product on the market
– Consistent, quality rolled ‘Y-bar’ for all fencing applications

In-Store (Why Stock Waratah Jio?)
Premium performance &    consistent quality • The strongest, toughest & most flexible Waratah Star post ever made
• Tried & tested in the lab & field, recommend to customers with confidence
Smart packaging • Large & vibrant label presents well in store & is easy to identify in yards
• Quick release packs of 10 posts – release ring, pull pin
• Compact bundle of 200 posts (20 x packs of 10)
• Retractable handle on each pack of 10 posts
Consider safety (OH&S) • Consistent and reliable weight for load restraints
• Compact post bundles save space in store
• Multiple bundles may be safely stacked in store
• Retractable handle has less sharp edges, allows moving of packs safely and provides quick identification during stocktake
On Farm (Why Buy Waratah Jio?)
Reliable & consistent performance • Strength to withstand higher impact loads
• Toughness to resist fracturing under stress
• Flexible to allow restraightening if deformed from significant force
Flexible fence design • More Jio post holes for improved wire alignment and attachment options than traditional Y posts with round holes
• Multiple accessory options like clips, ties & electrics
• Oversize holes designed to line up with traditional Y posts with round holes
• Oversize holes accommodate designs that run wire through the holes – threading (not recommended)
Simple installation & maintenance • Easy & quick to install with a manual post driver
• Use Jio wire clips for fast & secure fixing of wires
• The best steel corrosion protection extends post life – Hot dipped galvanized coating (min 600g/m2)



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Bundle of 10, 100 Buy