Figure 8 Wire Joining Tool


Joining high tensile plain & barbed wire under tension

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  • Knot Type -Figure 8
  • Knot Strength – 80% Knot Strength of Wire
  • HT Plain Wire, size – 2mm – 3mm
  • Barbed Wire, size – 1.5mm – 2mm
  • Material – High Tensile Steel
  • Coating – Zinc Plated
  • Accessories Available Separately – Leather Carry Bag
  • Length Needed to complete Join – 220mm
  • Chain Link Size – 32mm long, 20mm wide, 5.6 mm link
Figure 8 Strongest knot for joining wire
Best Value wire joiner No need to purchase on going consumables
Keeps the integrity of the wire Knot lasts the life of fence
Length needed to complete join 220mm knot No need to add wire to complete knot
Used to strain barb wire in middle of fence Even wire pressure
The figure 8 tool is light to carry Convenient to use

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 9 cm